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Bitcoin Cash Data Now Available to 300,000 Financial Professionals


It appears that Thomson Reuters has added Bitcoin Cash to its Eikon terminal, making it just the third cryptocurrency to have its data feed sent over the Eikon network to over 300,000 financial professionals.

In case you aren’t familiar with Eikon, it is the flagship financial information product from Thomson Reuters, similar to the Bloomberg Terminal. Financial firms pay anywhere from $300 to $1,800 a month for access to the information on Eikon, and as of December 2017 it offers low-latency data feeds from over 400 exchanges and OTC markets. It also offers connectivity to deep liquidity pools, with more than 80 liquidity providers and in excess 1,300 institutional clients, not to mention FX market pricing from over 2,000 contributing sources in 175 fiat currencies.

Bitcoin and Ethereum were the first two cryptocurrencies added to Eikon, and the move is likely in response to Bloomberg adding Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple feeds to their Terminal platform.

With this data now in front of so many institutional investors it makes sense that they will be buying, and that the price of Bitcoin Cash will continue to rise strongly in 2018.

Added to this is the seeming shift of Bitcoin developers, and the marketing blitz we’ve seen, first from Roger Ver and more recently from Bitcoin.com co-founder and CTO Emil Oldenburg. Bitcoin.com has even partnered with Visa to offer a Bitcoin Cash debit card, and while this seems to go against the grain of decentralization, it is a strong step towards real mainstream adoption and daily usage of a cryptocurrency.

There have also been rumors that Ethereum will get its own futures contract in 2018, and if Bitcoin Cash data is being fed to institutional investors, and the price of Bitcoin Cash continues climbing, there’s a good chance we’ll see Bitcoin Cash futures begin trading as well.

Who knows, by 2020 the cryptocurrency cash and futures markets could eclipse the traditional forex markets. While this seems highly unlikely just now, increased adoption of various cryptocurrencies for different applications, mainstream usage and institutional investment, and the possibility of some central banks beginning to issue cryptocurrencies make such wild speculation a possibility.


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